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Low voltage LED lighting is an excellent choice for residential or commercial outdoor accent lighting.  A lighting system must be flexible to accommodate changes in your landscape as trees and shrubbery mature.  Lighting should enhance the setting, extend your outdoor hours of enjoyment and provide for the safety and convenience of your guests.

To achieve beauty and security, it’s necessary to plan, design and install lighting carefully and methodically.  Most often it’s the final touch to a carefully designed and maintained landscape plan that will enhance the night time look.

LED accent lighting offers homeowners a chance to enjoy the elegance of a beautifully lighted property without the hassle of constantly replacing bulbs.  Our lighting systems use 75% less energy and have a bulb life of 50,000 hours.  Your system comes on automatically at dusk and shuts off at any time you choose, or can stay on from dusk to dawn.  Our work and products are also backed by a full 10 year warranty.

We can design a system for you whether it’s for architecture, landscape, trees, walkways, poolscapes or whatever your lighting needs are.  You can't beat the elegance and security of our award winning lighting designs and installations.  Call us today for a free quote on your new accent lighting system.

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