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Houston Turf Irrigation has been designing, installing and repairing automatic sprinkler systems in Houston and the surrounding area since 1987.  We are experts in all areas of residential and commercial irrigation systems.  Our highly trained and knowledgeable staff can analyze and repair all makes and models of existing systems and repair them to work like new.  We are also state licensed specialists in backflow testing, certification and repair for all your backflow needs.  Houston Turf Irrigation can also provide added security to new or existing backflow devices with our theft and tamper proof security cages.

Want to operate or program your sprinkler system from your PC or Smart Phone?  We can show you how with our newest equipment that allows you full access through any internet connection.  We use top quality equipment like Rain Bird, Hunter and Weathermatic products that save you time and money with the latest water saving features available.  The efficiency rating on your irrigation system can also be increased by installing rain sensors that automatically shut off your sprinkler system due to rainfall.

Because we live in Houston and receive a fair amount of rain, we also specialize in draining water off your property and away from your home and foundation to avoid flooding or standing water.  Through a combination of carefully placed gutter downspout attachments, catch basins, pumps (when required) and piping, your drainage problems are easily solved.

Is your home or property poorly lit or too dark at night?  We can custom design and install an accent lighting system that will enhance the night time look of your home while making it safer and more secure.  Our outdoor LED lighting systems use 75% less energy than traditional lighting systems, have a 50,000 hour bulb life and are fully automatic.

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